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Just Off Broadway Theatre

3051 Penn Valley Drive*

Kansas City, MO 64108

*Your GPS will probably autopopulate "Central," but you will want to manually enter "Penn Valley Drive" for the simplest directions.

Show Times

Sat July 20 ..... 9:30 pm

Sun July 21 ..... 1:30 pm

Wed July 24 ..... 8:00 pm

Fri July 26 ..... 6:30 pm

Sat July 27 ..... 4:30 pm

Ticket & Button Info

Tickets $10

plus the on-time purchase of a $5 Fringe button**,

required for entry into all shows

Tickets can be purchased online through the Fringe website, at Fringe 411 in Union Station, or at the venue.

Buttons can be purchased at the venue.

**Think of your Fringe Button as your entrance fee to the giant Fringe amusement park. It's your wristband to get into the park every day. Then you purchase tickets for each ride (show) you want to experience. :-)

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